CNC Grinding


  • Multi-axis ultra-precision CNC grinding
  • Multi-axis grinding of aerospace tolerance parts (Eccentric, Polygonal, Cylindrical or Obround)
  • Ability to achieve difficult holding requirements and geometries are a strength
  • .0938″ up to 5″
  • Quantity of one, to full production runs

Computer numerically controlled grinding machines, better known as CNC grinding machines, are a key asset in high-volume precision grinding. Conventional ID, OD and surface precision grinding techniques are typically used for precision grinding on lower-quantity jobs with multiple features. CNC precision grinding is typically used for recurring precision grinding jobs requiring extreme, repeatable accuracy. These grinders are also used to achieve high accuracy on difficult parts requiring contour grinding, angles, tapers, spheres, radii and shutoffs. The process ensures efficient processing that is consistent and repeatable every time.

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