Addison Precision Manufacturing manufactures high precision-machined components.

Using a combination of an extensive range of state-of-the-art equipment coupled with our experience and machining expertise, we work as a contract manufacturer focused on operational excellence, product quality and on-time delivery performance.

Multi-Axis Milling

Multi-axis (CNC) machines are capable of milling very high precision components.

Multi-Axis Turning

Multi-axis turning offers the same benefits as multi-axis milling, also resulting in a higher quality product, at reduced cost compared to less advanced machine tool technologies and methods.

CNC Grinding

Computer numerically controlled grinding machines, better known as CNC grinding machines, are a key asset in high-volume precision grinding.


EDM (electrical discharge machining) is a manufacturing process that uses electrical energy to remove material from a part by a series of rapidly recurring charges between an electrode or wire and the finished part.

Swiss Turning

A Swiss-type lathe is a type of turning center designed to turn small, complex, precision parts.

Micro Deburring

Burrs are raised edges or small pieces of material that remain attached to a work piece after the machining process.